DeckRobot User Guide
The plugin has three active buttons
to help the user format slides in several ways:
DeckRobot Functionality
This Slide
Selected Slides
All Slides
Pressing the button "Format This Slide" allows you to format the current highlighted slide
To use the button "Format Selected Slides", first mark several slides by holding Ctrl or Shift. After pressing the button, the plugin applies the decoration to several pre-marked slides.
Pressing the button "Format All Slides" leads to the formatting of all slides
Pressing the button "Adjust Formatting" will provide a gallery with options to adjust the slide with other matching templates
After formatting a slide,
button "Cancel Formatting"
will bring back the original slide.
Create new slides when you don't have a good formatting example or you simply don't remember where it was. You don't have to worry about spending hours trying to find that exact slide
Key use case
for the DeckRobot technology
Find a proper formatting for a ready slide. You would be able to chose among hundreds of options to work on all the formatting caveats
Align objects on your slide. Make sure all the textboxes, shapes, images, charts and tables are properly positioned
Find alternative formatting for your slide. Try different options from your corporate templates; remove or add shades; transform vertical to horizontal slides etc.
Format all the slides in your document in one style. Make sure the titles, sources and bullet points are all in the same format across the document
Will DeckRobot add content
to the slide while formatting?
DeckRobot FAQ
No, DeckRobot keeps all user content on the slide, only adding graphics, formatting, aligning elements when appropriate and keeping the slide consistent.
Getting a login error?
1. If windows hang, it may result in disabling our plugin so you need to reinstall it (please look at the first point "Can't see DeckRobot Plugin in PowerPoint?")

2. The account can be used from one machine only and should be added by the admin
Can't see DeckRobot Plugin
in PowerPoint?
If an error occurred when windows hang,
it may result in disabling our plugin :

1. Open PowerPoint

2. File → Options → Add-ins → Manage: Disable Items → Go…

3. Select DeckRobot Add-In → Enable → Close → OK

4. Restart PowerPoint

After the first install:

1. Make sure .Net Framework version 4.7.1 or higher is installed, DeckRobot installer will identify that so please follow all installation steps

2. Make sure installed the desktop version MS PowerPoint,
not My Office that could be preinstalled