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Why You Still Need PowerPoint?

Meetings are critical to business success, but they consume a lot of your most precious resource – time. One meeting among a small team can fill an entire day’s worth of hours. And studies show that disorganized meetings are associated with lower market share, innovation, and stability. So, how can you ensure your meetings are both effective and efficient?

PowerPoint can help! With its daily raising competitors, PowerPoint is still a meeting’s most indispensable tool.

In this article, DeckRobot is going to prove why we all still need PowerPoint despite all the contradictions.

Visual Impact

The presentation must be two things: interesting and engaging. You easily can achieve that through the use of multimedia thus improving the audience's focus. PowerPoint allows you to use images, audio and video to have a greater visual impact. These visual and audio cues may also help a presenter be more creative and interactive with the audience. However, try not to overly rely on these sources as your message might get lost in the clutter.


PowerPoint allows you to control the flow of a presentation. There will always be a time when you want to control the flow of the conversation, as you know which way the conversation should go. There is no point in looking at Z before you touch on A and so on. You can also control the theme and setting for your talk.


PowerPoint allows you to work with other people in a collaborative manner. Where teamwork is key this setting is especially useful and efficient. Multiple people can collaborate on and contribute to a presentation. Comments can be an especially beneficial tool for clarification.

Appealing Slides

Steve Jobs, the master of presenting, always had a slide. When he announced the iPhone. He ran through three images before merging them into the iPhone. He could not have done this with just words, right? He did this with the help of PowerPoint.
You too can make anything look good when it is on a slide. You can use pictures taken in the right light with the perfect shadows. Also, photoshopped images bring out extra glare to the presentations.
The only limit is your imagination. And not deceiving your audience.

Content Sharing

Did someone miss your presentation? Don’t worry. PowerPoint got your back. You can easily share your PowerPoint presentation with the world. Have them view it online at a time that is convenient for them. You can upload your presentation to websites such as YouTube with everything featured in your work including slides, commentary and transitions. All you have to do is go to "File," "Save and Send" and "Create a Video." The file will be saved in WMV format, which is capable of playback on Windows Media Player and can be uploaded to most video sites.

From Complex to Simple

PowerPoint allows presenters to translate complex ideas, facts, or figures into easily digestible visuals. Visual representations of information activate the right hemisphere of the brain, which allows viewers to interpret, expound, and engage with what they’re seeing. In the case of a PowerPoint presentation, this right-sided brain function makes perfect use of the software’s primary purpose, i.e., translating detailed information into visuals that enable the presenter to avoid audience confusion and keep the meeting moving.


PowerPoint is as important as ever in the presentation world. And as you can see PowerPoint is still the most effective tool for presentations. With DeckRobot, using PowerPoint gets even more convenient and beneficial for every presenter. With the options that DeckRobot’s AI suggests you can make your creative presentation according to your company’s brand book guidelines that will stand out and make your message unforgettable. While you will save a significant amount of your time avoiding editing your decks you will also make your key metrics, company goals, and projections more engaging than ever with compelling reports, dashboards, and charts.