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Tips for Creating an Amazing Slide Deck

Like it or not — slides, presentations and decks have become one of the most important ways to getting your message across in the business world — be it a conference presentation, project proposal for a corporate client or a startup pitch deck that makes or breaks its future. Thus, presentations should be the kind that pull the audience in and keep them captivated, but in an understated way that helps them focus on what’s actually being said.

In this article DeckRobot shares tips for you to create even better decks.

Make the slides in the end

Building your slides should be the last thing in the process of developing your presentation. First of all, you have to think about your main message, then you should plan out its structure with its supporting points, practice your speech, and time it. After you are done, that’s the moment to start thinking about your slides and how should they look. The presentation needs to stand on its own. The slides are just something you layer over it to enhance the listener experience.

Maintain consistency

If the slide deck is good the reason behind it is that each slide feels like part of the same story. The best way to achieve consistency in your slides is by using the same or related typography, colors and imagery across all your slides. Using pre-built master slides can be a good way to do that, but it can feel restrictive and lead to “me-too” decks. Try to create a few slides to hold sample graphic elements and type, then copy what you need from those slides as you go.

Make transitions

Maintaining consistency doesn’t mean that you want each slide to look exactly the same. Try creating one style for the slides that are the meat of what you are saying, and then another style for the transitions between your topics. For example, if your general slides have a dark background with light text, try transition slides that have a light background with dark text. That way they feel like part of the same family, but the presentation has texture—and the audience gets a visual cue that you are moving onto a new topic.

Less is more

The biggest mistake that a lot of presenters make is creating slides with a lot of text, especially if it’s an exact repeat of their speech. If there are a lot of words on your slide, you’re asking your audience to split their attention between what they’re reading and what you are saying. That’s really hard for a brain to do, and it compromises the effectiveness of both your slide text and your speech.

Use captivating visuals

There are countless benefits to using visuals in your slide deck. They support a storytelling narrative to your presentation. They enhance emotive impact. And, they materialize abstract concepts. But there is another fantastic thing they do, which people forget – they personalize your presentation. By using images, you create your own visual style. So be aware of the images you use – they can act as a template for others to identify your work and your ideas.

Use video

It’s super easy to insert video in the presentation. Just drag a Quicktime file onto the slide. And when you advance the deck to the slide with the video that autoplays, sometimes it can take a moment for the machine to actually start playing it. Often presenters click again in an attempt to start the video during this delay, causing the deck to go to the next slide. Instead, you can set the video to click to play. That way you have more predictable control over the video start time, and even select a poster frame to show before starting.

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No matter what your presentation content, make sure you are always using design to your full advantage. Just remember the reason you’re giving out the presentation in the first place – it’s because you’re sharing an important message to your audience. If you like this article, check out our News page for more informative content. Good luck!