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From In-Person Presentation Into a Virtual Presentation

As many of us have smoothly moved from office to home due to the COVID-19, there is a notable tendency in how our usual work habits and the way we conduct conferences, meetings, and presentations have changed significantly.

Have you ever felt while working from home when it came time for remote talks, standing while delivering it might feel more “normal” and akin to your regular modus operandi? What if present standing? This way you can end up swaying back and forth while giving your speech since you can’t pace in your normal fashion. You have to think about how it might play differently on a screen than in person.

While the content of an in-person presentation versus an online presentation may be the same, there are some fundamental differences between how you deliver the presentation and in your presentation design. Check out the practical virtual presentation tips that DeckRobot lists below. 

Use your vocal energy

When you are limited to the virtual presentation, it’s even more important to vary the pace, volume, and intensity of your delivery throughout it.
Pause early, pause often. Especially, this is a great tip for all speakers and the ones who are fast talkers. Don’t alter your natural tempo, just pause more often to let what you have said settle, and allow your audience to catch up. When you don’t have the audience right in front of you, the temptation to just run through at full speed is great. Resist it.

Physical vs Visual

When a presentation is given virtually, certain physical cues can be lost in translation. That’s where adding visual cues to your presentation slides can come in handy. You can use icons, apply arrows and lines, use contrasting colors, or add shapes to grab and direct your audience’s attention. Use visual elements to reinforce the content.  It will help your audience not only make sense of the information you’ve shared but process it and hold onto it for longer.

When using PowerPoint to create your slides don’t think that your creativity should be stifled by boring PowerPoint templates. With DeckRobot, easily design your entire deck according to your company’s brand guidelines in few minutes.

Keep it short

A strong opening statement brings energy to your virtual presentation and helps you start off strong. Combine an impactful title with an image that reinforces the message to hook your audience. A presentation slide isn’t the place for fluff—stick to short sentences or even just phrases to really drive the point home.

Slide layouts

All of the slides need to be equally as engaging and effective as your title slide. Vary your slide layouts. In a virtual presentation, the same repeating layout can put them to sleep.

Interactive presentation tools

You can engage the audience with polls, chat boxes, and the like. But what works in person might not translate as compellingly to a poll widget. Practice how integrating these tools change the flow of your talk, and what you might do if the interaction is not what you expect.

With a tool likePollEverywhere, you can create word clouds in real-time.Online games likeKahootare great for creating online real-time quizzes.


For many people, talk or presenting from behind a laptop can throw off the game. If public speaking was already a little tough for you, losing the in-person presence may be an even harder adjustment. Just follow these tips DeckRobot listed when preparing for a virtual presentation to make it trouble-free.