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Make Amazing PowerPoint Presentations Using Icons

While many presenters like using large images, animations and glossy illustrations, they miss out on using something much simpler - icons! However, Icons begin to gain more and more popularity and they have invaded the digital world. The reason behind this is simple: they’re simply great! They’re not only eye-catching but also incredibly practical. Above all, they are an excellent resource for turning your presentation into an outstanding one.

In this article, DeckRobot shares tips on how to use icons to make your PowerPoint presentations even greater.

Why use icons

Images or pictures can be too complicated for representations of a specific idea, thing or category. Icons are usually simplified. Icons represent a more general concept easily and quickly. They are just great for conveying ideas in a straightforward way. Another advantage of icons is that they can be done in different styles, colors, and detail levels. While conveying pretty generic ideas, they can be beautifully designed, and add a pretty strong aesthetical component.

Text support

You probably have heard a million times the old saying - a picture is worth a thousand words. This applies to the icons better than anything. Icons help you to “unclog” your slides from too much text (and remember that too much text content on your slides is a very bad idea). After all, you can use both icons with text to give emphasis to a specific idea or section. The power of the icons is in that they’re easily understandable, which is great for your audience - they will not distract themselves reading your slides.

They make presentations visually appealing

If used properly Icons can give your slides the “wow” effect. They also are a great way for a more creative approach as they are one of the best alternatives for simple bullet points. Besides everything, they can save you many hours of your working time. They take almost no time to use. Once you’ve picked them and edit them, you can just drag and drop them wherever you want. With Icons, you can look more professional with your nice and clean presentations while spending as little time as possible. Speaking of productivity and time-saving, consider using the DeckRobot plugin for your next presentation. If you don’t have much time but still have a project to present you can always use the DeckRobot for PowerPoint. The DeckRobot plugin is an easy PowerPoint add-in that helps to reduce manual work while preparing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Using the plugin allows you to save up to 40% of your working time. With the help of DeckRobot, you can create appealing presentations that match the company brand book guidelines with a focus on the quality of the content. You can easily adjust all the visual elements in each slide of your presentation like fixing headers, footers, background, logo, font, color pallet according to the chosen corporate guidelines. Maintain consistency by aligning any complex object on the slide or even adapt any icon that you like to the corporate-approved format and much more.

Icons make your slides memorable

Humans are visual creatures by nature that is why pictures are instantaneously more eye-catching and memorable for us than just plain text. Since keeping the audience’s attention is important for any presentation icons to help assure that your audience not only pays more attention to you but also that they retain the information for a longer time once the presentation is over.


Icons have become an essential design aspect for every PowerPoint design. A few icons can make any slide look professional and convincing. They also help your audience to memorize your ideas more easily than if there is only raw text. We hope you like this article and that it will help you with your next PPT project.