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PowerPoint Animation Tips: Dos and Don'ts for Business Presentations

Today, many presenters are divided into two groups. The first group uses no animation in their presentations at all, making their slides look boring. The second one uses too much animation, adding everything they can find to their slides. However, animation and transitions can be used in a way that both captures your audience's attention and makes your message unforgettable.

Here DeckRobotlists some of the dos and don’ts to keep in mind when preparing your presentation to reap the most benefits out of animations.

Don’t overwhelm your audience

Keep your animations simple. As PowerPoint has evolved over the years, new features have been added for more powerful animations that may have required some external video programs to generate in the past. That doesn’t mean that you have to add every bell and whistle you can find to your slides.
PowerPoint offers various options to animate images, shapes or texts. Try to animate the areas in your presentation that imply change or progression. You can try to animate menus, maps and charts. Keep animations to only around 1/3 of the total number of slides.

Do support consistency in your slides

When your materials are consistent, your audience can focus on what you have to say. Inconsistent materials, by comparison, tend to distract from your message and keep your audience from absorbing what you're trying to say or show. Again, just because you have an opportunity for a variety of effects available doesn’t mean you should be using them all. Try to stick to the same general animations throughout your presentation to maintain consistency throughout your presentation.

Don’t disregard the direction

Your audience’s eyes should follow along with your message. Avoid adding effects that fly from all angles and make your audience feel uncomfortable looking at your presentation. Use the animation effects to follow a direction for your content. Choose from the top to the bottom or from one side to another, or any other effect that can call attention to the most important point in each slide.

DON’T forget about the effects

By combining effects you can make your animations and transitions even more compelling and make your slide elements stand out. You can combine effects either within the same slide or within the same objects since they aren’t limited to just one animation effect.

DO keep in mind the timing

One of the greatest advantages of PowerPoint is that it allows you to adjust the timing and duration of each animation you use. You can choose the timing and duration for each animation so that the effects you want to show truly make an impact. Avoid making your animations too slow or too fast, because it can distract rather than enhance your presentation.

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Once you’ve got the skills to make animations to work for you, you’re limited only by your imagination. Explore PowerPoint's multitude of animation options and make your presentations unforgettable with the DeckRobot plugin. If you like this article make sure to check our News section for more informative tips and pieces of advice.