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The 5 Best Apps to Share Your Presentations

After all the time you spend making slides in PowerPoint, Keynote, or other presentation apps, often you only show those slides during a meeting or talk, then save them in case you give that talk again. However, presentations are an easy way to share your thoughts and they can build up a following even among people who don’t attend the meetings.

DeckRobot made a list of the following apps that make it incredibly easy for you to share your hard work, find new collaborations and embed your presentations right on your website.


SlideShare is a popular presentation and document sharing platform owned by LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, SlideShare users tend to be focused on business. This American hosting service is definitely one of the most popular slide-sharing apps around. Once you register, you can easily upload any presentation and share it with others, as well as get valuable feedback and comments on it. With over 18 million uploads in 40 content categories, it is today one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world.

Speaker Deck

Speaker Deck is the best way to share presentations online. Simply upload your slides as a PDF, and they’ll turn into a beautiful online experience. View them on, or share them on any website with an embed code. After sharing your presentation the Speaker Deck will show it full-width in a preview page that focused on just your slides. You can also save a PDF copy of the presentation if you’d like. And at the very bottom, you’ll find related presentations for inspiration from Speaker Deck’s library of featured presentations in the same category as your own.


This platform allows upload your presentation, present it, and stream it in real-time to anyone with the link or embed. It’s the best option for people in the audience to view your slides on their own devices while you’re presenting. You can add animations to your slides and use the web app to show the presentation on a projector and copy a link to share the live presentation with followers. Plus, you can ask questions or run polls that audiences interact with. This service gives the opportunity to create any audio narration and recording of your slides that can be shared anywhere, anytime.


SlideDog is a multimedia presentation tool that lets you combine PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, movie clips, web pages, and more into one innovative, seamless viewing and audience interaction experience. With SlideDog, you can create custom playlists for all your presentation files and media. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it really easy to arrange, play, and organize your media into the most effective order of presentation.

MS Broadcast Slide Show

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 includes the Broadcast Slide Show feature that helps presenters to share a slide show with a global audience online. It provides you with a link which you can send and invite your contacts, so they can watch your presentation in real-time in their browsers.

Tip: Things are different with DeckRobot. You can anonymize the content of the desired slides and securely send them to the company server for future use.


Regardless of what option you choose, it’s key to establish the first contact with your target audience. If you need to share your presentation with a large number of viewers and automate distribution the best way is to upload the content on a slide hosting service. Just get a link and create a special mailbox that will send out this URL to anyone interested. Feel like limiting access to the presentation to a small group of viewers? Share it on Google Drive, DropBox, or a similar service and grant access rights to selected email addresses.