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6 Websites to Download Vector Icons For Your PowerPoint Presentations

Presentations are a part of most jobs in the business world and one should be able to give a solid, informative presentation. Though presentations may seem simple, there are many aspects of a presentation and skills that you need to deliver a successful one. Successful presentation means that it is at least not a boring one. Nobody ever wants to sit in front of a mind-numbing presentation. Luckily for humanity, there are many ways on how to create appealing presentations and one of the essential elements of doing so is using Icons. A few icons can make any slide look professional and convincing, and they also help people memorize your ideas more easily than if there is only raw text.

There are many websites where you can find icons for your PowerPoint presentations, but here we list 6 of them both free and premium. We, at DeckRobot, believe these are among the best sources for professional icons.

1. Powerusersoftware

They suggest users who want to create beautiful presentations a library of 6000 high-quality icons. Here, all icons are vector shapes, which means that you can edit them just like any PowerPoint object and there will be no loss of image resolution. You can find many icons related to business optimization, people management, marketing, digital technologies, and much more.

2. Shutterstock

We all know Shutterstock as a bank of high-quality pictures for random use. But they also provide users with nice-looking icons that can look very professional in PowerPoint presentations. To browse the icons, you will need to click the "Images" drop-down list on the top and choose "Vectors". Applying a number of filters allows you to search for more relevant icons, and also apply colors before downloading icons. However, the downside for Shutterstock is the pricing.

3. Fusion Plate

When searching for icons, you will find a massive library of icons that can be downloaded just for free. The icons here are of really good quality. And that's decisive to make a PowerPoint presentation look nice and clean. However, since each icon set here is from a different source, copyright restrictions vary.


You may have heard the phrase Material Design. The goal of material design is to better unite fundamental design principles with technology. Well, is a website providing various material design resources, such as components, typography, tutorials, guidelines, and high-quality icons. Since web designers are strongly using this website it is also available for random users who are looking for great icons. The website contains a small number of icons compared to other sources. But it has the merit of being completely free with no attribution required, which is rare. All icons are in .svg format, which means that with PowerPoint 2016 and higher you can resize, edit and recolor them just like any PowerPoint shape.

5. IconFinder

The advantage of this website is its huge library of high-quality icons. By saying huge we mean really huge in the amount of 4 million examples.
Here, icons are organized in many sets.
It suggests two options:
The first (upside) is that for a specific theme where you can find a set that will give you what you need;
The second (downside) is that each set was made by a different designer. This means that there is no design consistency between the sets. If you want to reuse icons in different situations, you will have a problem with consistency as your icons won't look the same.

And another disadvantage of this platform is its pricing. To remove the obligation to attribute the icons, you need a Pro license. That's $49 per month for up to 25 members for unlimited downloads. However, if you are making presentations on a daily basis and need a rich library of icons it worths the money.

Tip: The DeckRobot plugin suggests the ‘Corporate Icons’ function which is very helpful for applying clients’ icons to the PowerPoint presentation. You can select a specific textbox or use the ones that you liked on the Internet and DeckRobot will analyze the objects and offer options to adapt icons to the corporate-approved format. This will give your presentation an even more appealing look and save loads of time.

6. Behance

Behance is a great resource for free design assets of all kinds, including icons. Independent artists upload and share their free icon sets. However, remember to check the attribution requirements for any icons you download from Behance.


Icons are here to stay for a long since they are an essential part of any good presentation. If you’ve got a presentation coming up, then you better think of a way you can use icons to your advantage. Choose the right icons to help you get your message to your audience.