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Why Presentation Visuals Are So Important

Maybe you already know that you should be using visual aids in your presentation, but you don’t know why. Of course, you know that actions speak louder than words, but do you know what else speaks louder than words? Images – and there’s a very good reason for it too. Our brains naturally process images more easily, taking only 13 milliseconds to process an entire image.
Thus, when giving presentations, either on a video conference call or in-person, your slides, videos, and graphics (or lack of them) can be an important element in helping you tell your story or express your idea.

Welcome to the DeckRobot blog post where we explain the overall value of using visuals in any professional presentation.

They add clarity to your message

Try describing a new color with just words to an audience. You will realize that it is impossible. Sometimes words alone make it difficult to convey a message to your audience, especially when you are describing something rather abstract or visual. By adding good supporting images in your presentation slides, you eliminate the potential for miscommunication between you and your audience. This is particularly pertinent if you are discussing and voting on an important decision and need everyone to be on the same page.

They simplify the message conveyed during your presentation

We all have to present difficult concepts from time to time but the key to doing it successfully is by breaking the complex subject into digestible parts. Another trick is to add some good visual aids. Whether it’s flow charts, word clouds, or relevant images, adding these visual aids to your presentation can simplify your message and help retain your audience’s interest.

Pictures spice up your icebreakers 

Sometimes your audience just needs to break the ice before giving you their undivided attention. Instead of immediately opening with serious questions or jumping straight into your presentation, try adding some relevant and funny images. You’d be surprised about what it can do for their energy level, and even yours!

They increase audience attention and memory

Humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish, which is bad news for presenters. That is why capturing audience attention is the first step to engaging them but with the myriads of distractions that exist around us like our smartphones, it is an increasingly difficult task. According to this Forbes article, adding shocking statistics or images is a great way to grab your audience’s attention before presenting key points.

They can evoke an emotional connection

What great presenters do best? They make you feel emotional about what they are presenting with their speeches. The secret to captivating their audience with emotional connection is fundamental for any successful speech. Once you evoke an emotional connection, you get to hold their attention. Images are a shortcut to building an emotional connection. Why? Science has proved, humans are visual creatures. Around 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. It’s easier for us to connect with images on a deeper level.
Also, images can convey more cues than words. This is because images can capture complex and abstract concepts like emotions and color and convey them effectively to the audience. These additional cues can evoke a deeper connection from the audience, making their engagement more rewarding, both for them and for you.

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So...Should you use visual aids in your presentations? The positive answer is obvious. There are no exceptions. Every single audience and every single topic benefits when you prioritize using visuals in your presentations. However, it’s important to note, that it’s not just about having a picture in your presentation. You must use visuals effectively, by choosing a relevant type of visual for your content and audience, reducing the text on the slide, so there is room for the visual and formatting the visual so it resonates with your audience.