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6 Presentation Design Trends That Will Dominate In 2021

The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 last year has changed the world a lot and took us all by surprise. It made us all shift work from the office to home. Eventually, the urgent need for online conferences and virtual presentations brought us towards going fully digital.

Meanwhile, amidst new challenges, the unpredictability of this crisis, time does not stand still. New ideas come true and new trends take significant places in our business lives. Speaking of trends, there is a noticeable tendency that people have been drifting towards more soothing and calm designs since they are working from home. This eventually brought to the graphic trends shifting from bolder and bigger to muted and quieter color tones.

In this article, DeckRobot shares with you the top 6 emerging presentation design trends to watch in 2021 and beyond.

1. The Trend of Gradients Continues

A long time ago creative minds used to use gradients to add color and depth to their designs. Gradients remained a prominent design trend until the late 2000s. Eventually, they gave their way to flat design. But gradients came back in a big way in 2018, and now we can see them everywhere: print materials, logos, web design, apps, packaging, and more. Gradients are versatile, and they’re a solid choice for pretty much any design. With hundreds of shades available for each color, the gradient pattern blends different colors to create stunning color transitions and give a fresh and modern touch to the designs. So don’t hesitate to use gradient in your presentations in 2021.

2. Minimalist Designs will Gain More Popularity

Less is more sounds like a cliché, but the basic essence of anything related to design is the minimalist design trend. As a design movement, minimalism is still relatively new. Dating back to the late 1960s and early 1970s, particularly with American visual art. Minimalism is about expressing only the most essential and necessary elements of a product or subject by getting rid of any excessive or unnecessary components and features. Minimalism is all around us. You can see it anywhere from the user interface of your favorite website or the design on the cup of your favorite cup of coffee and even in your own presentations! We strongly suggest you approach this technique in your presentations to save time and make them visually more appealing.

3. Animated Slides will Create a Fuss

Now, when a massive part of the world is staying home and working remotely more and more eyes are concentrated on the screen of their laptops, PCs, notebooks, and tablets. That is why animated images are one of the most influential ways to intrigue the audience and keep their full attention.
According to the predictions made by Cisco, by 2022, the internet will surpass 1 million minutes of video each second. This statistic perfectly shows the growing preference for motion graphics animations over image graphics. Furthermore, studies have revealed that viewers retain only 10% of a message when they read it in text and 95% of the message when they watch it in the video. So make sure to stick to animated slides in your presentations more.

4. Flat Icons and Illustrations will Be The Talk of the Town

Icons and illustrations have been in vogue for quite a while. But in 2021, they will come back with a bang to make your simple presentations more engaging and appealing. Flat designs feature a unique visual perception, a clear visual hierarchy. With the help of flat icons, you will be able to make your presentations more contextual and open new perspectives in the sphere of user-centric design solutions. By the way, the popularity of flat icons and illustrations is expected to remain undiminishing in 2021 and beyond. So we strongly suggest you do deeper research on icons that will enhance the visual perception of your presentation and brand or product in general.

5. Muted Colors will Take Over Vibrant Color Palette

As we have already mentioned before, recently people are gravitating toward that which is soothing, that which calms. 2020 put us in a quandary in so many ways and design is poised to respond accordingly. Тhis fact also applies to the color palette of presentations. Colors have the power to directly influence both the message percipience and the soul. No doubt that vivid and bright colors get more pull but muted colors hold a world of incredible beauty.

Muted colors are more comforting and consoling. They provide a more organic, authentic, and natural feel. The muted colors perfectly blend with both light and dark font text. And what is more important, muted tones make viewers reflect positive vibes which play a huge role in your presentation’s success.

Tip: the DeckRobot’s plugin “Fix All Corporate Elements” allows
you to edit slides with charts that contain more than four categories and apply on-brand secondary colors for the diagrams with more than four categories.
You can choose from a list of seven secondary colors which are maroon, red, orange, green, teal, blue, and purple.

6. Simple Data Visualization Is the Next Best Thing

Loads of data being generated daily. Thus, industry experts and big brands look forward to staying ahead of their competitors and tap into new opportunities by representing their data in both meaningful and easy-to-digest manner.
Here, simple data visualization will be a game-changer. Statistical infographics enriched with icons, pictograms, and charts will help you visualize large chunks of complicated data into a comprehensible format.


The world is on another level of a digital revolution. The design provides a unique perspective of the global world and we are confident that these trends will bring your projects a more professional touch, easier perception of the information that you are trying to convey to your audience, and give you maximum confidence in creating beautiful presentations.