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How to Create and Deliver a Killer Sales Presentation

A good sales presentation is the key to landing a new client or customer. Present your offers, products, and services in a way that will inspire your audience to take action. 
With killer sales presentation tips on how to create one, you’re on your way to a successful sales meeting. Regardless if it’s virtual or in person.

Here are a couple of tips by DeckRobot that can help you deliver a killer sale presentation and mesmerize your prospects.

Keep it less

Salespeople usually think that part of their preparation for a presentation includes making tons of information-packed slides. This is a big no-no, as it’s the fastest method of lulling your prospect to an open-eyed nap.

Business people with hectic schedules here, and you’re wasting their time going on and on about your company’s mission and vision, product features, overviews, or awards. Your prospects aren’t interested in that at all. All they care about are their issues and challenges, and that’s what you should be focused on, too. So, cut straight to the chase by making your main point.

Problems first

Instead of talking about (currently) irrelevant things such as how many employees your company has or how you plan on achieving your 5-year goal, you should start with the frustrations and problems that your prospect is facing at the moment and provide them with solutions.

Leave different specs out of the picture, but highlight all the benefits your product will bring to a prospective buyer.


Use storytelling techniques at the start to help your audience relate to your pitch. Try using a fictional character as a starting point to explain how your service or product changed or improved their life or work. Include personable tidbits that your audience can relate to.

Ask Questions and Create Conversation

During the presentation, ask questions to create a conversation with your audience. This will remind them that you are a real person and not a machine. Give them an opportunity to also ask you questions.
Whenever you notice that your prospect wants to say or ask something, or if their expression changes, encourage them to discuss it with you.
That’s an excellent way to get spontaneous feedback and explore everything that concerns your potential customer. Make sure to acknowledge the interruption, as whatever your prospect has to say is more important than keeping up with the speech that you’ve prepared.

Be Relevant

To create engaging, high-quality content, it’s crucial to use engagement analytics. After you analyze everything, you can use the obtained information as guidelines for structuring your next presentation. Some stats say that the average length of the email presentation is 11 pages. However, only the first five pages capture the prospects’ attention. Remember to use visually pleasing infographics and charts.

Believe in What You Sell

Your sales presentation can be successful only if you believe in what you sell. In other words, when you’re pitching your solution to your prospects, you should be sincerely enthusiastic because you know that it will benefit them.


Sales presentations created with or without templates can benefit from a number of design elements. There are many tools that will help you visualize the information for your pitch. From charts to infographic widgets, everything is at your disposal with DeckRobot. While you’ll be able to focus on your speech our AI automation techniques will do the work for you. With DeckRobot you can create company-branded presentations with a single click.