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How to Make Your Presentations Truly Memorable

You’ve probably attended many presentations in your lifetime. Do you remember any speakers who’ve made a considerable impact in your life? Or maybe you remember someone who taught you something new? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can somehow have the same effect on your audience? First of all, you have to understand for yourself one thing: what do you want to achieve when you’re presenting? Surely you want to be heard and understood. But what’s the goal of your presentation? Is it just to engage your audience at the moment you’re presenting? How about one hour after your presentation? Will they remember you then? The one surefire way to make your presentation truly memorable is… to provide something ACTIONABLE. This makes your content live long after the presentation is done.

Here are some tips from DeckRobot to help you deliver a winning and memorable presentation that you actually enjoy giving.

Make a Roadmap Before You Build Your Presentation

Many presenters’ messages lack a clear and consistent structure. Thus, it is no wonder that they get lost in their presentations, and if the speaker can’t follow the presentation, how will the audience do so? Hence, building a roadmap for your presentation is the best thing you can do to ensure both you and your audience follow the presentation. By employing a structure, you can more readily remember where you are and where you are going. In fact, research suggests that people recall structured information 40% better than unstructured information. In fact, there are many effective structures available. For instance, if you are using the comparison-contrast structure for your presentation, you can easily get back on track since you know that contrast always follows comparison.

Use Variation in Sound, and Evidence to Connect with Your Audience

In general, your main aim as a presenter is to keep your audience engaged. It is a known fact, that people can be easily distracted by their mobile phones, the color of the walls or other things. To counter these natural tendencies, you must diversify your presentation to keep people’s attention, with variation in your voice and in your evidence. Engaging speakers vary their voice and rate to gain and hold their audience’s attention and interest, while unengaged speakers present in a monotonous manner. Adding variation in your volume and speaking rate serve to keep your audience’s focus and motivates them to listen.

Variation in the evidence is also critical to helping your audience to remember your content. Presenters tend to favor one type of evidence, such as data, to the exclusion of other types (e.g., anecdotes, testimonials, definitions, etc.). This means that you should vary the types of evidence you use to make your point: Use a data point, a testimonial, and a story.

Visuals Help People Retain Information and Stay Engaged

By the time you take the stage to deliver a presentation, you’ve already invested hours into researching and creating it. Needless to say, you want the information you’re presenting to stick in viewers’ minds long after it ends. This is a key area in which visuals can make a huge difference in the short- and long-term outcomes of your presentation.

According to, one study found that people who heard a presentation retained just 10 percent of the information three days later; people who heard and saw visual information remembered 65 percent.

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By invoking specific techniques and practices, you can deliver a presentation that is memorable for both you and your audience. Focus on your preparation, message structure, and practice. To aid your audience in remembering your presentation, tend to your message’s relevance, variation, and emotion. When combined together, these techniques will lead to confident, compelling, and connected presentations.