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How to Protect PowerPoint Presentations

There may be occasions when you have a problem protecting PowerPoint presentations from copying, editing, especially in the large public speech when many people ask you for the document. There is a positive answer to the issues.
Fortunately, PowerPoint includes several tools to help you protect your presentation and DeckRobot is listing them in this article.

Solution 1: Mark the Presentation as the Final version

This option stands for weak protection. The Mark as Final function can help you mark that the presentation is the final version so that users are better not to modify it. It plays the role of the reminder and once the PowerPoint presentation is marked as final, you will get that information after you open the presentation. To perform this action you need to click File > Info > Protect Presentation > Mark as Final.

Solution 2: Save a PowerPoint Presentation with Modify Password

You can set a modify or edit password when you save your PowerPoint presentation. This way, others without the password, can only view the read-only version and do nothing to the content.
To perform this action you need to:
Step-1: On the top left corner, you will find the File > Save as option. Then, click it.
Step-2: In the Save As prompt, you will get the Tools button near to Save button. On its drop-down button, you need to find and click General Options.
Step-3: In the pop-up box, you can set a password for modifying the content.
Step 4:After that, you can click OK and save your presentation.

Solution 3: Restrict Permission by People to Protect PowerPoint Presentation

Setting the restriction mode to the readers will allow them to read the presentation, but they will be unable to change, print, or copy the content.
To perform this action you need to go to File > Info > Protect Presentation > Restrict Permission by People. Then you can set the Read permission.

Solution 4: Use DeckRobot’s Anonymize Slide(s) Content function

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We hope this article gave you insights on ways that you can protect your PowerPoint presentations. If you want to learn more about DeckRobot don’t hesitate to drop us a line at or reach out via phone call at +1(617) 765-7494.