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The Deadly Sins of Powerpoint Presentations

Using PowerPoint presentations in your life is considered fine art. Imagine for a second that back in the day, people used to simply chuck all their content onto a handful of slides, stand up in front of the audience and read it off. If you want to create an engaging meeting or presentation, you need to master the basics of your slides. A Powerpoint presentation can make or break your pitch. Make sure your slides are up-to-snuff so you don’t send your audience running for the doors.

So DeckRobot lists some of the common pitfalls you should avoid and be confident in your presentation.

Too Much Written Content

You may have already heard how distracting it can be to an audience member to be listening to a speaker and then suddenly see an avalanche of content on the slide with tons of bullet points. The main problem is that it distracts many people from your speech. Naturally, people will want to read everything that’s on the screen and will zone out from the information that you’re saying. Shure, most people have different reading speeds while some may read it quickly, others won’t get to the end before you move on, causing them to feel disconnected from the presentation or to switch off completely as they don’t feel included. Always remember - less is more when it comes to text on your slides. Try to limit yourself to 50 words per slide.

Not knowing your topic

No one wants to attend a presentation where the speaker is constantly having to look at his/her notecards. What is more annoying is when the speaker is reading the slides word-for-word. Remember - confidence is key. Be able to talk casually about your topic as though you and your best friend are discussing it over dinner. Rehearsing in front of trusted colleagues or staff members will help familiarize yourself with the content.

Too many / few images

Too many images can be overwhelming to your audience, not to mention distract from your message, while too few images can lead to miscommunication and overall loss of attention among your audience. The right balance of pictures or graphs can be more effective than words alone. According to a study, good visuals improve retention and understanding.


It may seem like an obvious one, but many decks that are being presented to us are improved by using the inbuilt alignment tools in Powerpoint which is not always a good idea. However, the careful alignment (and distribution) of objects can go a long way to instilling a feeling of serenity. Humans respond positively to order, and a precisely aligned slide will imply a firm is operating precisely.


According to Emil Ruder’sTypography’,the optimal number of characters per line of text is considered to be between 50 – 75 (including spaces). The subconscious mind is energized when it jumps to a new line but this focus wears off over the course of a line. Keep your lines short, but not too narrow. Reduce the font size on your slide to 12pt, and the line height to 1.2. How does that feel? Try printing it out before adjusting.


Keep your font selection, color and size consistent throughout your document. Always use the same sizes for the main headings and the same for the subheadings. Always use the same for all the body copy. It may sound obvious, but differences in font size, line height, or color will impact the design hugely. These types of inconsistencies can very quickly make your design look untidy.

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Powerpoint is often seen as a means to an end, but with the use of the DeckRobotplugin, you can turn something that seems pedestrian into something sophisticated and engaging. Content is king, but proper time must be dedicated to making that content shine.